New Blog! welcome!


Its been awhile since I’ve done anything with my website. For around 10 years I’ve been sitting on it, experimenting and putting together combinations of wordpress, mediawiki’s and gallery’s.

However now I’ve been inspired by events on my current road trip across Europe and have decided to revamp my site with a slick set up of wordpress and lots of lovely socialising social plugin goodies! Including signing up to twitter for the first time! Whoa!

The title of my blog is perhaps a bit pretentious, but I did struggle to find a theme for all the topics I’d like to discuss and talk about, and yeah, ‘everything’ pretty much sums up the range of interests I take on.

Primarily I’ll be focusing on travel, and will have a good section of the blog dedicated to photography. Upcoming thou I do intend to talk about topics as various as the ‘next manufacturing revolution’ to ‘how to travel with nothing’, which I hope will spark some commentary and encourage me further to blog more!

So without further ado please enjoy the site!